So Jin Park
Critical Graphic Design
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Encounters are always interesting. ‘Bodoni’ by Giambattista Bodoni met ‘Metro’ by William Dwiggins. David Stach and I mixed them for the phrase ‘Face to face’.

The first alphabet ‘F’ is 100% Bodoni. The proportion of Bodoni per alphabet is regularly diminished by 10%, as the next alphabet appears. The 5th alphabet ‘O’ consists 50% of Bodoni and 50% of Metro. And the last one, 10% of Bodoni and 90% of Metro.

To show the difference and beauty of two typefaces at once, I cut Q and T of Metro Black and Bodoni Std Black half and combined them together.

So Jin Park, David Stach

booklet, 200x270mm, 32 pages, poster

4.–7. 2015