So Jin Park
Critical Graphic Design
IG @your_park__

“bzzzz” “trrrr” “bzzzz”

Visual Interpretation
of the German News
on 28. 11. 1973

If you receive a video of an old news in foreign languages that you speak imperfectly and when you are asked to write the whole script, what would you write?

I received a German news on 28th November 1973 and wrote the script. As I can not speak German perfectly, I developed a system, which visualizes what I ‘heard’ and ‘understood.’ I accentuated the impossibility of completly understanding the news. Other visuel elements are extremly reduced and simplified.

Editorial Design

5. 2016

Frankfurt Book Fair, Oct 2016
Unlimited Edition, Seoul Art Book Fair, Nov 2016

Buero Total (Anna Lena von Helldorff, Toni Schönbuchner)