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“Anyone can secretly film everywhere”


Human observation is multiple-layered. Human and machines share what they see.

I observed pedestrians in Trotha and secretly filmed them, with a smart phone and an app.

These days, anyone can secretly film everywhere. To where are technology and electronic equipments heading? Am I a human or a security camera, if I automatically follow people and film them? Why do people film in this way? If I film in a public space secretly in the long term and people notice this, what would happen?

I zoomed the original video partially, zoomed it again entirely, rezoomed it, and zoomed it again. Observation is not a single-layered but multiple action. Its nature leads to alterations of knowledge and interaction in surrounding environment.

Author - So Jin Park
Medium - video (1′ 40″)
Date - 23rd-28th October 2017
Motive - Workshop ‘Trotha’, Werkleitz Festival 2017
Exhibition - Werkleitz Festival Center (Halle/Saale, Germany, Oct 2017)