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“Anyone can secretly film everywhere”


Human observation is multiple-layered. Human and machines share what they see.

I observed pedestrians in Trotha and secretly filmed them, with a smart phone and an app.

These days, anyone can secretly film everywhere. To where are technology and electronic equipments heading? Am I a human or a security camera, if I automatically follow people and film them? Why do people film in this way? If I film in a public space secretly in the long term and people notice this, what would happen?

I zoomed the original video partially, zoomed it again entirely, rezoomed it, and zoomed it again. Observation is not a single-layered but multiple action. Its nature leads to alterations of knowledge and interaction in surrounding environment.

Author - So Jin Park
Medium - video (1′ 40″)
Date - 23rd-28th October 2017
Motive - Workshop ‘Trotha’, Werkleitz Festival 2017
Exhibition - Werkleitz Festival Center (Halle/Saale, Germany, Oct 2017)

“Brocken Silence”


The project I AM ANGRY alerts to the microaggression, racism, and discrimination against Asians and asian-looking people.

We collect personal reports, organize meetings with students at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle in Germany and discuss about this theme openly.

Also, we visualize and publicize relevant issues on our website, such as a personal story of a German whose appearance is Asian.

Also, we cooperate each other to help people who experienced everyday-racism to express their anger, obtain psychological stability, refind confidence and react effectively against discriminative situations in the future.

Through this project, we broke the tabu on this issue  and spoke up openly for the first time.

Author - So Jin Park, Jihee Lee

Medium - Website, campaigns, Poster

Started - July 2016

Award - Giebichenstein Design Preis 2017, 
support by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research,
Premio Nazionale delle Arti 2017, design section, finalist,
support by Halbe Treppe, Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, Germany

Exhibition - Kunststiftung Sachsen Anhalt (Halle an der Saale, Germany, Oct, Nov 2017),
Premio Nazionale delle Arti (Faenza, Italy, Sep, Oct 2017)
3,2,1, go! Exhibition during the DGTF 2017 (Halle/Saale, Dec 2017)

(the website works best with the webbrowser Chrome. There is only desktop-version.)

*on AIGA

*Giebichenstein Designpreis

* official presentation

“Rights Of An Island”


70% of all countries are currently involved in territorial conflicts. 44 islands around the world are claimed by more than two countries. 

A territory is linked to natural resources, religious sites, historical and strategical importance, etc. This is why territorial conflicts can generate international violence. This violence is connected to rights and sovereignty of a country and also international peace.

The Island Times talks about overstepping of national borders and  rights and history of a country. As you leaf through, layout lines get wilder because tension rises. But on the last page, it suggests peaceful solutions for all the islands in conflict.

Author - So Jin Park
Medium - newspaper (80g, Opakal)
Production - from April to July 2017
Language - English
* This newspaper will be distributed manually in random way. * If you would like to receive a copy, please contact me.
  (I will send it for you for free.)

“I love glass cups”


I am obsessed with glass, especially transparent glass cups. At home, there is a simple set of glass coffee cup and saucer. In alluring atmosphere, the glass saucer shows you fascinating visual stories.

Author - So Jin Park
Medium - Photography
Date - April 2016
Exhibition - Frankfurt Book Fair, Oct 2016

“Jogging without my glasses”


I have a very bad eyesight. Yet, I don’t wear glasses when I do jogging during the daytime. Then, I go into a new visual world. Imagine! Beautiful  and blurred combinations of natural colors, or wonderful patterns of blurred leaves. I reproduced what I saw during running along the Saale river in Halle an der Saale in Germany.

Author - So Jin Park
Medium - Photography
Date - May 2015